The Project Member Institutions Project Documents E-Book Requirements

Project Title:

Collection Sharing and Information Discovery System with Enriched Digital Content

Project Objectives:

The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) (Remaned as "Hong Kong Metropolitan University" later), Caritas Institute of Higher Education (upgraded and renamed as "Saint Francis University" later), Chu Hai College of Higher Education (renamed as "Hong Kong Chu Hai College" later), Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and Tung Wah College will collaboratively develop an online collection-sharing and information discovery system to enable faculty members and students to easily find and access library and e-book collections among the five libraries through a one-stop search interface. The OUHK will take up the responsibility of developing the new systems and platforms and will coordinate the purchase of e-books according to the needs of the individual participating libraries. This will allow each of these libraries to promote reading while enriching their digital contents. It is expected that more than 20,000 e-books will be acquired through the Project.

Project Funding:

Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS)

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